When I heard that we were going to sing, I was so excited. So were my classmates. We thought it was going to be easy.

We started practicing the song.  It was unexpectedly hard because the lyrics were written in Japanese which were hard to pronounce.

But it was exciting to sing in Japanese. So, we didn’t give up and practiced. But still, we weren’t good enough.

Little by little we started improving. But our harmony wasn’t that good. We still didn’t give up and kept going.

Finally, we were able to sing. We were so proud of it. All of us, the students and the teachers, did our best. And it was so perfect.

We were all so nervous, but we sang and did our best.

If you keep trying, nothing is impossible .

If you are with your friends, you get more confident.


※この記事は 夜間学級の生徒が 1年を振り返って 書きました。