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1.Briefing session to prepare for school

 Please come to school on the day written below.
『Briefing session to prepare for school』
【Date】 March 26 (Fri) 17:30~
【Venue】Mitsukaido junior high school
【Contents】①What to prepare by April 7th
           ②About what you will study at school.
  * If you are absent on this day, please call us by the day before (0297-23-1250).

2.Entrance ceremony schedule

 The entrance ceremony for evening class will be held on the following schedule.
 『 Entrance ceremony』
【Date】April 7 (Wed) 17:30~
【Venue】Mitsukaido junior high school
 ※Please come to school at 17:30. The ceremony will start at 18:00.
 ※It will take about 1.5 hours.
※Classes will begin on April 8th.
For any inquiry, contact our staff in: 
JOSO City Board of Education (tel 0297-44-6345)